Human Resources, Learning

And Development Department

The Human Resource, Learning and Development Department has the primary responsibility for managing, assisting and dealing with all employee related matters.

This includes policy administration, recruitment, benefits administration, employment and labour laws, new employee orientation, training and development, labour relations, personnel records retention, performance appraisals, salary administration, organisational development strategy, and employee assistance program.

Human Capital Establishment

The optimal establishment of the Commission is three hundred and ninety-five (395), including the proposed provincial structure structures

The Human Resources Unit

seeks to:

  • Develop and implement human resources policies and procedures
  • Develop and implement safety, health and environmental policies;
  • Facilitate gender mainstreaming in the organisation;
  • Take a leading role in the implementation of performance management;
  • Recruitment, selection and reward management;
  • Manage and develop the Agency’s human capital;
  • Managing industrial harmony;
  • Promote and mainstream wellness issues in the organisation;
  • Provide counselling services on job and social issues;
  • Conduct research on conditions of service.

On the other hand, the Learning and Development Unit is responsible for:

  • Designing and implementing induction training programs for new recruits;
  • Designing and implementing basic investigations training for new recruits;
  • Assessment and evaluation of probationer’s programs;
  • Designing, modifying, formulating and reviewing the Training Policy;
  • Conducting training needs assessment for the entire Organisation;
  • Co-coordinating and conducting training programs
  • Designing and producing training modules

Senior Management & Recruitment Department

In compliance with the Public Entities and Corporate Governance Act [Chapter 10:31], theCommission filled in positions for the Executive Secretary, three (3) General Managers and four (4) middle management posts responsible for investigations, legal services, procurement management, communication and media liaison. These recruitments have gone a long way in streamlining the functions of the various departments to enhance efficiency in line with the vision of the Commission.

Performance Management

The 4th Commission implemented a robust performance management system which focuses on attainment of set targets which are agreed at the beginning of every year.

The Commission has for the past 3 years conducted the required performance assessments during the year in line with the guidelines of the Integrated Results Based Management System.

To achieve these goals, the Unit is divided into two strategic units which have different but complimentary roles. These units are Human Resources and Learning and Development.

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