Compliance Systems and Processes Unit

The Compliance and Systems and Processes Reviews Department falls under the Prevention of Corruption Key Result Area Number 2 of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s Strategic Plan (2020-2024).

The functions of the department according to Section 12 of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act (Chapter 9:22) are to:

Monitor and examine the practices, systems and procurement procedures of the public and private institutions;

Advise and assist agency or institution in the elimination of minimisation of corruption; and

Assist in the formulation of practices, systems and procurement procedures of public institutions with a view to the elimination of corrupt practices.

Therefore, the department activities focus on conducting compliance, systems and processes reviews through the following ways:

Conducting compliance assessment of the extent to which institutions adhere to issues of good corporate governance, related laws, regulations and statutes

Researching on institutional vulnerability to corruption and advising management accordingly.

Assisting institutions to craft and implement anti-corruption strategies.

Conducting workshops and seminars on corruption prevention and good corporate governance, and

Conducting spot-checks in client institutions.

As such, the department carries out compliance spot checks and systems review exercise at institution and government programme levels. The motive of these exercises is to plug out corruption loopholes and ensure that institutions are compliant to their governing laws, regulations, acts, statues, procedures manual and if there is value for money in all procurement activities. The corruption loopholes come in the form of theft, misappropriation, abuse of power and other improprieties which are detrimental to the economic development and the well-being of the people of Zimbabwe.

The department has embarked and completed Natpharm Compliance spot check, Presidential and National Scholarships Systems Review and Covid-19 Procurement of Materials and Supplies spot checks. In the later part of 2020 the Unit has been engaged in on-going compliance checks on local authorities on the sale of land on the open market, procurement irregularities, nepotism and other malpractices. In this regard, compliance spot checks were conducted in the following local authorities:

Mutoko RDC

Mudzi RDC

Mberengwa RDC

Karoi Town Council

Umzingwane RDC

Chinhoyi Municipality

Mutare City Council

Norton Town Council

Zaka RDC

Chegutu Municipality

Makonde RDC

Mazowe RDC

Hwange Local Board